AI for macOS power users
with the full privacy of Ollama

macOS Ventura 13 or higher is recommended

macOS Ventura 13 or higher is recommended

AI at work everywhere.
Skip prompt engineering.

Alter is your gateway to accelerate all kinds of tasks, from writing to coding.

Skip the lengthy explanations. Alter empowers you with immediate AI-driven actions to streamline your workload. Easily make pitch decks, handle social media, translate documents, fix grammar, and more.

Alter works in Finder, Keynote, and in every place where you can select text. Actions are suggested based on your current task, and mnemonic shortcuts are created on the fly.

Forever free with Ollama, upgrade for more.

Open the Preferences, go to the Defaults pane and fill in your Ollama server endpoint. The models you have installed with the command ollama pull will show up in the default model list. Choose one and you are good to go.

Want to avoid the complexities of setting up AI models? We provide credits to get started through our own providers, for free. You have access to the best and fastest models: OpenAI, Groq, Google, Claude, Together.

Want more features like our Answer Engine? Upgrade and experience a new level of productivity.

See our Power User plan 
Get answers backed by a web search

Stay empowered around the clock with our AI experts.

Use AI assistants for nonstop innovation and execution.

Get instant access to specialized AI experts who offer guidance in Marketing, Technology, and Business. Consider them as your on-demand support team, ready to assist you with brainstorming, evaluating, and implementing your ideas, anytime you need.

Customize your experience. Create and share your AI actions, play with the contextual menu.

Alter isn't just flexible—it's your playground for creativity. Use your own AI actions. Copy, tweak, and make them work for you.

With Alter, your workflow doesn't just get better; it transforms into something that's completely your own, including the contextual menu.

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What providers do you use?

Alter use the best provider available for the current task at hand. Our actions are tested for high accuracy and speed. Tasks that require smart reasoning use GPT-4, others might use Groq or For long context, Claude 3 and Gemini are the default. For vision, GPT, Claude and Gemini are used. For image generation, Dalle and are used. You can easily change the model and provider used for an action. For privacy sensitive tasks, you can use local models using Ollama, see “Privacy” We use other third parties for capabilities beyond AI like Google for the search tool.

Can I use local models for privacy?

Yes, Ollama is supported, you can setup Alter by opening the preferences pane and setting the URL of your Ollama endpoint.

Can I bring my own keys?

Yes, you can provide your own provider in place of our servers. This allows you to use Alter with your perpetual fallback license or use your own OpenAI compatible server.

Does Alter retain my data?

We value privacy and never collect any sensitive information. None of your inputs are recorded by Alter, neither are the results of the actions. AI features are powered by various providers that don’t use your data to train their models. See their privacy terms below.