Forever Free
Use your own providers or the free credits.
  • About 100 GPT-4o messages* or more with other providers: Groq, Claude, Together, Gemini
  • Act on text-selections
  • Act on files and folders from the Finder
  • Keynote AI actions to create and edit presentations
  • Smart views: markdown, magic diff, code
  • Answer Engine: search the web to answer your query and provides the links to fact-check
  • Image picker: generate AI images or search the web(coming soon)
  • Create your own context-aware AI actions
  • Support for OpenAI compatible endpoints
  • Full privacy with Ollama or LM Studio
*A message has 4296 tokens, which is roughly 3 200 words.


with Perpetual fallback license
Power User Plan
This is a pricing preview
  • Everything in Free
  • Usage all-included, no need for your own API keys
  • 500 credits per month to cover OpenAI, Groq, Claude, Together, Gemini and other external APIs costs.
  • Which is 875 GPT-4o messages or more with smaller models
  • Perpetual license
  • Email Support


What are credits?

Credits are used to monitor your usage of Alter. They decrease every time we use an external provider on your behalf (AI, tools like search, image generation and so on).

The 500 credits cover a month of using Alter for most users. In case you are hitting the limit, you can buy additional credits in a one-time fashion.
The app will notify you before it happens.

For heavy users, we can issue a custom plan and give you some advice on the models that offer the best value for your use cases. Reach us [email protected].

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will not be renewed automatically but you will be able to enjoy Alter until the end of your current subscription with all its capabilities. We don’t issue partial refund.

After the end of your current subscription, you can keep using Alter but you will need at least one AI provider or Ollama for inference, see “What is a perpetual fallback license?” for more informations.

What is a perpetual fallback license?

A perpetual fallback license is a license that allows you to use a specific version of software without an active subscription for it. The license also includes all bugfix updates, more specifically in X.Y.Z version all Z releases are included.

Without an active subscription, credits will not be renewed. You will need to bring your own AI provider key or local models (Ollama).

When purchasing our annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time.

To give an example, if your subscription ends on June 6th 2025, you get to use Alter in its version X.Y.Z at this date, including all bug fixes that comes after. In other words, you own our product.