Alter offers a superior free plan and better value for power users.

macOS Ventura 13 or higher is recommended

How does Alter compare with Elephas?

TLDR: Alter offers a superior free plan, full privacy with local model support, and ready-to-use AI models from multiple providers, making it a better choice than Elephas, which is limited to 30 requests/month. Alter also includes web search capabilities, which Elephas lacks.

Alter Elephas
Free plan
  • about 100 messages* with GPT-4o
  • unlimited with local models or an OpenAI compatible endpoint
  • all features
  • limited to 30 requests per month
  • all features
Most popular
pricing plan
$240/year, perpetual license $86/year, 600K text tokens per month
Max consumption
per month with
a paid plan
  • about 875 messages with GPT-4o
  • unlimited with smaller or local models
  • no limits per hour
  • can purchase one-time credits for heavy use
  • about 140 messages with GPT-4o
  • or pay 20$ for 875 messages using your own API key
Support for local models (Ollama, LM Studio)
Keyboard shortcuts
Automatic, Mnemonic
Open menu with search
Ready-to-use AI models
Multi-providers: OpenAI, Claude, Gemini, Groq, Together
Support for OpenAI compatible endpoints
Act on screenshot capture
Act on text-selections
Act on files and folders
From Finder selections
Picker, files only
Ready-to-use AI actions
Reuse AI output with other actions
Voice mode
Web search, Perplexity like
Native app
*A message has 4296 tokens, which is roughly 3 200 words.

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