Alter has a free plan and productivity actions, all missing in macGPT.

macOS Ventura 13 or higher is recommended

macOS Ventura 13 or higher is recommended

How does Alter compare with MacGPT?

TLDR: Alter vastly outshines MacGPT by offering a free plan with all features, support for local models, and multiple AI providers. It integrates seamlessly with Finder for file and folder actions, includes AI actions, and allows reusing AI outputs for greater workflow flexibility. In contrast, MacGPT lacks a free plan, local model support, and AI actions, limiting its extensibility and functionality.

Alter MacGPT
Free plan
  • about 100 messages* with GPT-4o
  • unlimited with local models or an OpenAI compatible endpoint
  • all features
  • No free plan
Most popular
pricing plan
$240/year, perpetual license $20/year, free updates, AI consumption is excluded from the price
Max consumption
per month with
a paid plan
  • about 875 messages with GPT-4o
  • unlimited with smaller or local models
  • no limits per hour
  • can purchase one-time credits for heavy use
  • pay about $20 for 875 messages with GPT-4o
  • no limits on message
  • all features
Support for local models (Ollama, LM Studio)
Keyboard shortcuts
Automatic, Mnemonic
Open app
Ready-to-use AI models
Multi-providers: OpenAI, Claude, Gemini, Groq, Together
Bring your own API keys
Support for OpenAI compatible endpoints
Act on screenshot capture
Act on text-selections
Act on files and folders
From Finder selections
Ready-to-use AI actions
Reuse AI output with other actions
Voice mode
Web search, Perplexity like
Native app
*A message has 4296 tokens, which is roughly 3 200 words.

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